All works copyright 2013 Jill Harmon

   IMG_0160 (2)       IMG_0113 (2)
Colored Pencil Illustrations

IMG_0105 (2)


IMG_0329 (2) IMG_0322 (2)

IMG_0342 (2) IMG_0341 (2)


IMG_0070 (2)   IMG_0071 (2)  

Silk Butterfly Wall hanging (detail on right)

IMG_0075 (2)   IMG_0080 (2)

Mixed media organic wall hanging (detail on right)

IMG_0061 (2) Bird Detail (2)

Silk birdscape (detail on right)

 IMG_1721 IMG_1717 

Quilted landscape (one of a series for Rambling River Collective) – detail on right

Summer reflections 2 Jill Harmon Quilt Closeup

Summer Reflections – hand dyed, printed, photo transfer (detail on right)

Falling leaves2 IMG_1718

Falling Leaves wall hanging (detail on right)

IMG_0168 (2)   IMG_0091 (2)

Watercolor paintings

IMG_0267 (2)  IMG_0265 (2)

Scratch board drawings

IMG_0123 (2) IMG_0119 (2)

Oil pastels

IMG_0153 (2)  IMG_0154 (2)

Charcoal wash (detail on right)

IMG_0139 (2)   IMG_0140 (2)

Handmade paper


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