Artist Statement


IMG_0080 (2)

Delicate.  Reflective.  Organic.  These are the words that come to mind when I consider my recent work.  Each of these works were created by multiple processes, including printmaking, sewing, quilting, hand embroidery, dyeing, photo transfers, and beading.  I carry the idea for a piece of work with me for many months (sometimes years!) before I start putting the fabric and design together.  It is most rewarding to finish a piece that reflects a vision I have carried with me for a long time.

I often think of the women in my family and the many that came before and made the path easier for me to walk upon.  While sewing was once a utilitarian skill, it was still infused by the beauty and sensitivity of the person wielding the needle.  This holds true today for the modern fiber artist.  I often feel that my ancestors are looking through my pieces, watching me unfold.  In a way my hands are their hands, using the collective skills they have passed down and expressing my personal experiences with the simple needle and thread.

IMG_0055 (2)   Bird Detail (2)  Jill Harmon Quilt Closeup

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